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This site provides a fast, and simple way to compose your Will in just a few easy steps.

Hightlighted below are the few steps to create your will on this site.      Skip

1. Personal information

This is where you'll provide basic information about you, your family, and your household. You will be able to name your children and designate guardians for them if they are minors. You will also be able to specify any pets you would like to be cared for.

2. Executor

Here you will name who should be responsible for delivering on your wishes.

3. Asset distribution

Here, you'll indicate how you would like your assets distributed to your loved ones. Asset distribution has the following 2 categories:

  • Gifts: make specific gifts to people
  • Residual: leave the remainder of your assets to people

4. Optional Items

Here you can specify optional sections of your will, such as charities, medical emergency plan, final resting plan, optional clauses such as self-proving affidavit, or non-contest, and the number of required witnesses signatures. (These items will be clarified along the way.)

5. Preview and Finalize

Finally, you will review your wishes, make edits if necessary, and preview your Last Will and Testament documents. If you are satified with it, then you can submit payment to access printing it. With your payment you will have access to the documents to update it or print it for twelve months.

You can also email us at help@fastwill.legal if you have any questions.

During your Will-making process, you may come across a question "?" mark attached to the right of a question. Simply click on it to show more information about the question. This may help you better understand and answer it.

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